After Liberation

Walsh Coat, Germany

Once Ike arrived in Walsh Coat, Germany he truly began to live his life as normally as he could. He finally reunited with his parents at Walsh Coat after six long years. While at the camp Ike started doing things he never had the chance to, such as make friends, receive an education, and live life. His friends were also other survivors, and many of them came from interesting places such as Poland, Romania, and Russia. Some of the activities that Ike and his friends played consisted of hanging out, playing football and volleyball as they were making up time for their lost childhood. At the displacement camp, Ike was receiving an education in Hebrew to help with his transition to America which was his end goal. Heirs was a transitioning program that helped get Ike to America and what really helped him was that he was educated and eager to learn so that was a major contribution to his transition.