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Rabbi Leo Michel Abrami

8 Locations ~ Curated by The Journey Through The Holocaust Team
Leo Michel Abrami was born in Paris, France. He lived with his mother, brother, and grandmother. After the German army invaded France, Leo's mother thought it would be best if he moved to Evron outside of Normandy. There Leo was a hidden Jewish…

Gerda Weissmann Klein

14 Locations ~ Curated by The Journey Through The Holocaust Team
Gerda Weissmann Klein was born on May 8, 1924 in Bielsko, Poland. Gerda grew up with her mother, father, and older brother, Arthur before the German army invaded Poland. Her family would suffer many levels of persecution by the Nazis before being…

Jack Nemerov

14 Locations ~ Curated by Mary Zobel
Jack Nemerov was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on September 17, 1917. He was raised in a Jewish family of four. Growing up, he spent most of his time attending school and working for his father's hat company. Jack volunteered for service…

Philip Pach Speyer

7 Locations ~ Curated by Al Genesis
Philip Pach Speyer is a Holocaust Survivor who did not endure a life in concentration, labor, or death camps, as did three quarters of the Jewish population in the Netherlands who perished during the Second World War. During Adolf Hitler’s…

Oskar Knoblauch

7 Locations ~ Curated by Oscar Cruz
Oskar Knoblauch was born in Leipzig, Germany to a family of five. Throughout his childhood, Oskar played with everyone no matter their religious background. While he was a kid the climate in Germany was changing and the Knoblauch family realized it…

Bronia Bronkesh

4 Locations ~ Curated by Halle Cohen
Bronia Bronkesh was born in 1921 in Sarny, Poland. With the outbreak of World War II, the Bronia and her family had to evade the Nazis by traveling through many different countries in Eastern Europe. That did not stop her love of education for she…

Ben Lesser

12 Locations ~ Curated by Mary Zobel
Ben Lesser was born in Kraków, Poland in 1928. He was born into a family of seven, consisting of his mother, father, two sisters and two brothers. After the German army invaded Poland, the Lesser’s were subject to countless amounts of abuse brought…

Leon Malmed

6 Locations ~ Curated by The Journey Through The Holocaust Team

Henry Sontag

7 Locations ~ Curated by The Journey Through The Holocaust Team

Ike Feiges

6 Locations ~ Curated by Jaime Bojado
Ike Feiges was born in Romania in 1935. His life changed as Germans invaded his town and sent him and his family to Auschwitz where he was fortunate enough to be hidden and saved from the horrors of working in the camp. After liberation, he was able…

Sidney Finkel

10 Locations ~ Curated by Emanuel Salinas
Sidney Finkel was born as Sevek Finkelstein in Piotrkow, Poland before WWII. Throughout the war, he experienced abandonment, tragedy, and even kindness. Sidney lied about his age on multiple occasions in order to survive. He worked in factories and…

Marion Weinzweig

8 Locations ~ Curated by Emanuel Salinas
Marion was only one of the two children who survived Opatów. Her mother and father's unselfishness desires and painstakingly forcing themselves to give up Marion is what made her stay alive to this day. Without this she had wouldn't have…

Frieda Allweiss

5 Locations ~ Curated by Chris Taft
Frieda Allweiss was born on May 21st in 1933 in Chortkow, Poland. Of the 30,000 people from her town, 10,000 were Jews. After the war, only one hundred survived, including the ones who escaped to Russia. Frieda was able to survive through multiple…