Start of World War II

Piotrkow, Poland

Nazi Germany invaded Poland from the West on September 1st to October 6th, 1939. After Nazi Germany invaded Poland, many friends and relatives of the Finkelsteins went over to their apartment to hear what was going on through the radio since not many people had them. Many people had zero confidence in the Polish Army, but Sidney being 8 years of age was very patriotic and wanted to believe in their Armed Forces. His brother Isaac had become a soldier in the Army and was sent to the Front with the Polish Army to fight the Germans, where he was shot and wounded. At first many people were cheering to the announcement that Great Britain and France declared war on Germany. That sense of victory would soon end when the German Luftwaffe, Germany’s Airforce, started to bomb Piotrkow. Sidney and his family had to run down to the basement to take cover of the hundreds of bombings from the German Luftwaffe. Once the bombings had stopped the whole family went outside to watch the fires light up the sky. Many people died that night and Sidney’s family was too terrified to stay in Piotrkow. They all packed their bags and went to Lieb Finkelstein’s birthplace; Sulejow.