Terezin, Czechoslovakia

As Germany was losing the war, the German Guards were ordered to destroy any evidence of the German’s crimes at the camp. They lined up all the prisoners onto cars to be sent elsewhere. One day before Buchenwald was liberated by the Americans, Sidney, Isaac and 1,500 others were marched to Weimar, where they were loaded into open cars. Over the course of three weeks, starvation and disease killed 1,000 of the prisoners. 920 children were left at the camp and on 11th April 1945 they were liberated by the Americans. Just one day after Sidney’s deportation of the camp. Sidney arrived in Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia, a concentration camp where the Germans had supposedly fled. When they arrived there they were greeted with food and flowers at the camp by Czech people. This caught the German Guards off guard, and they raised their rifles at the prisoners. A Czech man pulled out his gun and threated the German Guards that their heads would be blown if they shot the prisoners. They dropped their rifles and ran away. Sidney and the rest of the prisoners were finally free and liberated from the Nazis. There, Sidney caught typhus and almost died. Fear and sickness struck him wondering if he was the only person in his family that was alive. Luckily, Isaac heard about the train car full of children and walked over shouting Sidney’s name. Isaac was severely emaciated to the bone but was still alive and walking. They reunited when Isaac asked about their father Sidney stated that he did meet his father at the camp but that their father was sent to another camp that he wasn’t aware of. Isaac told Sidney that Lola had survived and that they were going to meet each other again at Theresienstadt. Once they met up with Lola, Sidney attempted to learn how to tell time since his education was ceased six years ago. Too much of Lola’s frustration she needed calling Sidney stupid for not understanding time. While Lola was with Isaac and Sidney, they heard that England would be allowing 1000 youngsters under the age of 16 to move over to England. Isaac made the decision that him and Sidney would be moving over to England. Lola on the other hand decided to go back home to Piotrkow. The Russian Army that was in control of Theresienstadt were making obstacles for people leaving the Russian occupied territory. Eventually Sidney and Isaac were able to be relocated to Prague where they would be held to soon fly over to England. On 14th August 1945, Isaac and Sidney landed at the Crosby-on-Edan airport in England. Three months had passed and during this time Sidney along with fellow survivors were given rooms to stay in at Windermere England with medical treatment. Sidney was inspected and was shown to have horrible teeth as he had not brushed them in six years and that he had an enlarged heart. There was some resistance from Sidney to adapt to this new lifestyle but eventually he gave in with this new way of life. Him and Harry adapted and would go play at the tennis court where they were staying at.