Starting a Family

Detroit, Michigan and then on to Phoenix, Arizona

In 1949, Frieda and her family moved to Detroit. They came through the Jewish Federation as they had work for Frieda’s father. Detroit was where Frieda went to school and where life became more normal for her. Her dad went to work for Builders and worked on kitchens and libraries. He worked until he was 65 years old. Frieda and her family loved and appreciated living in Detroit. When Frieda moved, she adjusted well. Frieda was 16 years old and just starting high school. When Frieda was about 16, she met her husband who was also a survivor at somebody’s house as he was just getting ready to go into the army. He was 8 years older than her, but it did not matter since they were from the same background. It was easier for them to adjust because they had a lot of things in common. He went into the American army and got out in 1951.They got married in 1952 when Frieda was almost 19 and a year later, they had their first child. Frieda’s husband worked as a mechanical craftsman for an auto company, but he dreamed of being his own boss. He opened a repair shop in Detroit in 1954 as he was able to fix anything and went to school to learn mechanics. Frieda’s youngest son runs it today. Frieda and her husband had 3 sons and one daughter. Her husband passed away in 2004 after 52 years of marriage. In 2006, Freida moved to Phoenix with her son. Frieda joined the Holocaust Survivor Association.