Final Assignment

Frankfurt, Germany

In December of 1945, Jack was informed he had been classified as essential personnel and would be transferred to Frankfurt, Germany for an assignment (Jack Nemerov, WWII Memoir).

On his way to his assignment, Jack stopped at the I.G. Farben building, which was now controlled by the Allied Forces. Inside he came across what could be described as the beginning of escalator systems, as well as a computer without memory (Jack Nemerov, WWII Memoir). These discoveries added more emphasis to the question of how a country so technologically advanced could also be so horrifically inhumane.

When Jack arrived in Frankfurt, his assignment was to obtain all information coming in from the collecting points. On paper, he had to identify the Ordnance units by the amount of usage on them (Jack Nemerov, WWII Memoir). This information would come in with the maintenance records. After this, he had to determine what was to be scrapped, rebuilt, or receive additional maintenance. Finally, he would proportionally supply units to military governments, the new forces coming in, and to the various allied countries for reconstruction purposes (Jack Nemerov, WWII Memoir).