The Future

Scottsdale, Arizona

Philip Pach Speyer met his wife Michele Speyer in 1991, and they moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1993. Philip has two daughters Jodyne and Jill, as well as two grandsons, Matthew and Andrew. Philip retired in 1997.

Over the years Philip had lost touch with his foster family. Fortunately, in 2000 his foster sister Ans found Philip on the internet, and she called him from Australia. She told him that the other sisters and their families were still living in Holland. The following week Philip flew to back to Holland and met with Tiny and Jopi and the rest of their families. Jantje Spier, his foster mother, and his foster sister Jannie, had already passed away. They all had a wonderful reunion, and Philip continued to keep in contact with them. He also reconnected with his biological father’s blood relatives. To this day he still maintains contact with his surviving relatives. In 2006, Philip’s foster sister Jopi flew from Utrecht, Netherlands, to Scottsdale, Arizona, and she accompanied Philip to Robert Sutz’s studio in Scottsdale to sit for a life mask. Jopi has since passed away, but Philip had the opportunity to eulogize her in his native Dutch language.

Today Philip Pach Speyer is an active member of the Phoenix Holocaust Association and is also a proponent of Arizona HB 2682, which mandates Holocaust education in public schools twice between seventh through twelfth grade. Philip is a United States Army veteran. He is pictured and recognized at the Arizona House of Representatives for the opening reception of the Holocaust by Bullets Exhibition at the Arizona Capitol Museum. Philip also attends other educational events to share his experiences during the Holocaust and to educate the younger generation—one of which was a Holocaust Survivor Speakers Series Seminar. The Seminar was held at the Arizona Jewish Historical Society on February 21, 2020, entitled Remembering the Righteous: Making an Emotional connection to the Holocaust.