Becoming a Master

Cincinnati, Ohio

Leo attended the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati in order to receive a Master's degree.

After spending seven years in Geneva, Leo and his new wife moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. Leo attended the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, which is one of the oldest and largest rabbinical seminaries in the country. (Abrami, 147) By 1963, Leo received his Master’s degree in Hebrew Letters and was ordained as a rabbi.

After becoming an ordained rabbi, Rabbi Leo traveled the world serving several congregations. He first accepted a post in Guatemala City and then moved to Curaçau. He then would serve as a rabbi in Berkley and Long Beach, California and for a three-year period served in Sandton, South Africa during the dismantling of apartheid. (Abrami, 147) After years of traveling, Rabbi and his wife settled down in Sun City, Arizona.