Displaced Persons Camp and Medical School

Landsberg, Germany

On May 8, 1945, a Soviet soldier rode into the area of Schindler’s factory and told everyone that the Germans had retreated. It was a day of liberation for everyone in the factory. Mr. Schindler sent some people to town in order to purchase meat for everyone to eat and celebrate the auspicious occasion. It did not take long for Alex to decide that it was time to return home. He was given some different clothing and boarded the train for Krosno. Once in Krosno, Alex waited around to see if any of his relatives might show up and eventually he was reacquainted with his uncle Sam. The two now traveled to a Displaced Persons Camp in Landsberg, Germany. While at the camp, they were greeted by other relatives. Alex remained at the Displaced Persons camp from end of summer 1945 to spring 1946, until he recovered his health and was admitted to the University of Munich. While at the University of Munich, Alex decided that his studies would focus on medicine. He took his medical exams and passed with top grades to become a doctor.