Rabbi of Beth Emeth Congregation

Sun City, Arizona

Rabbi Leo is enjoys his retirement in Sun City, Arizona with his wife, Rosemary.

Rabbi Leo moved to Sun City, Arizona to become the rabbi at Beth Emeth Congregation. He was at the pulpit for five years before officially retiring. He still was a regular at Beth Emeth Congregation, but in the years to follow he went back to his first love, teaching. He taught Judaic studies at the Bureau of Jewish Education in Scottsdale, AZ and various other courses at the Sun City Grand Learning Program. (Beth Emeth Website). Rabbi Leo was the director of the Arizona Institute of Logotherapy, which was accredited by Viktor Frankl Institute in Vienna, Austria. He was the author of several books, but in 2012, Rabbi Leo wrote about his experiences of being a hidden child in France during the Holocaust in the memoir, The Eleventh Commandment, A Jewish Childhood in Nazi Occupied France

On March 19, 2018, Rabbi Leo Abrami passed away at the age of 86.