Returning Home

Minneapolis, Minnesota

In May of 1946, Jack received his papers to be rotated to the states. After four years, Jack had received multiple Service Awards including “Good Conduct; European Theater w/ 1 Bronze Star and 1 Arrowhead (for first wave on D-Day) American Theater Medal, Army Commendation Ribbon, Victory Medal; Army of Occupation Medal” (Jack Nemerov, WWII Memoir). He was honorably discharged as a Captain. He went on a liberty ship with nine other officers bound for Fort Dix, New Jersey (Jack Nemerov, WWII Memoir). It took ten days to travel from Germany to the United States. When Jack arrived in New Jersey, he was supposed to stay and be processed for about a week. Instead, he caught the Hiawatha the next day for Minneapolis (Jack Nemerov, We Remember History Oral Interview). The army caught up to him in August, and he received his official placement on inactive status as of September 21, 1946 (Jack Nemerov, WWII Memoir).

When he returned to his civilian life in Minnesota, things began to return to normal. Jack was working for his father again up until he sold the business. He continued working for the new manufacturer for a couple of years. Sometime in the 1960s, Jack decided he wanted out of the hat business and took a job as a manufacturer’s representative. He worked for a sweater company called “Robert Bruce''. This job required him to travel to retailers throughout the Midwest which he enjoyed doing. He had a successful run with this company for over 20 years.

Another significant part of his life after the war was his family. Jack married his first wife, Josephine, and became a father to four sons: Bruce, Don, Howard, and Ian. He cherished being a father and he loved his sons dearly, so much so that he adopted the email address: “Jackfoursons”.